The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Monday, October 29, 2007

They did the Monster Mash....

On Saturday night we hosted a devilishly good Adults only Halloween party. It was a lot of work to prepare for it, but when it was all done we had a ghoulishly delightful night. Here are some pictures of the evening.

Here is the invitation to the event

We had a really good turn out, there were ten of us all together and everyone dressed up for the party but one person, here are some of the guests and a group photo

The menu was the funnest part, here is a copy of our menu:

Menu le Mucous

Beverages: (We only serve the finest blends of sewage)
Waste Water
A fine vintage puss from 1941 Chef Werewolf Wendt
Port-O-Potty blue
Doc’s orders: Keep an EYE out for BLOOD in your URINE

Appetizers: (Fresh from the morgue, hardly decomposed)
Severed cadaver fingers and yellow puss dip
Deviled eye balls Chef Dead Dezember

First Course: (If you find the smell of rotting flesh putrid, you’ll love this dish!)
Septastrata purulent necrosis dip
Freshly picked scab chips Chef Mortician Maloy

Second Course: (We went deep into the dampest bat caves to scrape up this dip)
Bat wings
Guano dip Chef Decomposing Dezember

Main Course: (You benefit from this autopsy gone wrong)

Bloody chest cavity with beating heart Chef Snotty Smith

Dessert: (This dessert is sure to knock you off your broomstick!)

Decapitated witch head Chef Asylum Anderson

*Extra mucous is complementary
*Side of snot requires one good sneeze
*Hawking up a loogy requires skill-see Chef for demonstration
*Post-nasal drip is seasonal- only available in winter month

And here are some pictures of the food:

Decorating for the party was the funnest. We ate by candlelight, we had a glowing skull as our centerpiece, the place cards were tombstones with the guests names on them,we removed the light bulbs in the bathroom and put in one candle, on the mirror Duffy wrote Redrum in red, we also hid a china doll behind the glass in the shower. We played scary music the entire time and had a black and white horror movie on the tv with the sound off. We also placed drop cloths over our couch and furniture. Here are a few more pictures:

We also had a lot of fun playing "Scarygories" just like scattegories but with Halloween themed catagories like: Ways to murder someone, things found in a graveyard, provocative costumes etc.

We had so much fun, it may become a tradition!
(Sorry if the pictures are dark, it was by candlelight after all!)

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Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Your party looked so fun!!! Wish we could have been there...maybe next year :)