The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Autumn with the Lucoff's

The kids had a great time playing soccer this year. Sydni is still playing with the same team she played with last season, and is now going to stay on that team for seasons to come (GO ORANGE CRUSH). Ellias is a better bowling ball then a soccer player he loves to take the
other players to the ground for a
wrestling match more then score goals. Now that the season is over we can relax without so many practices.

Ellias started preschool and has had so much fun.
The preschool has already gone on several field trips to pumpkin patches, and to the fire station. He is now out for the fall session and goes back in November.

Now to more important things
Our families favorite holiday(if you cant tell by the picts.) .
We are all ready with our pumpkins and our costumes.

Sydni is sporting her new nightly past time of sucking blood from unfriendly boys from school.

Ellias is showing off his manly muscles for the camera, and is green with anger.

The house is now so scary that the kids love to sit in the yard all night looking at the spooktacular lights of the three blow up decorations, and the orange and eyeball lights hanging on the porch. I am sure we will see many goblins this Halloween with our display. Aaron says he despises it, but we take that as he secretly loves it.
There is still a little boy in there even if it is deep, deep down there.

Hopefully you enjoy your Halloween as much as us!!!!

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Kelli said...

Cori-your house looks awesome!!! The giant spider is great! Eli's costume and makeup look great! Very intense. Sydni is very convincing as a vamp. Too much fun!