The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Baptism of Kendall Dezember

Last weekend Dad, Mom, Kaci and Luke all traveled to Bend, Ore, for a very special day. On the way we were so glad that we had prayed before we left because we were traveling along the highway when we came accross a big spot about 200 yards of a inch of hail. All cars started to put their breaks on and we started to slide. We all thought we were going to spin, then go off the edge and down a 5 foot drop, thankfully dad looked in the rearview mirror and saw the semi behind us trying to stop and swirved out of the way. The semi came about a foot from moms mirror and kept on a going still trying to stop. I think my heart was in my throat about that time. We were very thankful after that we had stopped and prayed as we left home.
BUT after arriving we played games and had a great time with the grandkids. It's always so much fun when we get to see our kids.

Kendall's day has finally arrived, we were so excited for her to be baptized. She has been waiting for this day for a long time. We all got ready and went to the church, where Kelli gave a wonderful talk and Kendall and dad walked down the steps to the baptismal font, as Brinley asks Kendall, (is it cold?) It was a wonderful day and we are so proud of Kendall and her choice to Choose The Right. Way to go Kendall!!!!!Kendall wore a beautiful white dress, she was so beautiful and looked like a little angel. She was so careful to keep it so clean and pretty all while she wore it.

The next day she was confirmed as a member of the church. What an awesome weekend!! Her cousins, Grandparents, and uncles were there from the Tri-Cities . Also, Kaci, Luke, and Grandma and Grandpa Stapley. We all played games and ate a ton of junk food and just enjoyed being together.

Here's the proud dad, I put this picture in here so Kyle can change duffy's picture in our Brady Bunch, so Duffy doesn't have to wear a bra anymore. So, here's your chance, Kyle.

Cooper got a ton of attention, everyone loved holding him and playing with him and all the kids there spent most of their time entertaining him. COOPER WAS IN HEAVEN!!!! Except for all the accidental wake ups from family members walking into his room.

Brinley had a great time at the baptism and enjoyed every minute of the social time we had with a house full of people. She was grinning from ear to ear!!!!! She always hates to see everyone leaves but we'll be seeing her soon as we get into the Christmas holidays. So she can look forward to that. Hopefully there won't be too bad of weather to get over the pass.

Kendall's new kitty, provided by the Lucoffs for her birthday has been a joy to the kids. Kendall named him Johnny, even though he still comes to them if you call him "Monkey". ( the name Cori named him although she thought it was a girl at the time) He curls right up in your lap and loves to cuddle. He's a cutie!!!!!Well, we had a wonderful weekend and we are so happy that we all could get together for such a wonderful celebration. WE are SOOOOO PROUD of YOU, Kendall!!!!

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