The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Friday, November 16, 2007

Scary Family Halloween

Here are our Creepy Halloween Pictures-Finally!

Cooper was Grumpy because his one-year molars were coming in-we thought Eeyore fit him well--until he started walking, then he looked more like Frankenstein!

Brinley was a MAAAAAD Scientist. She had green teeth, a
rat, a bloody heart, vials full of gross lab experiments, and rubber tubing wrapped around her that connected to an old medical pump which carried glowing green fluid filled with eyeballs.

Kendall has wanted to be Cleopatra since last Halloween. So we decided to go all out. I made her a costume and she wore a black egyptian cut wig, she even had gold sandals. We copied the makeup from a picture I found of Elizabeth Taylor.

Duffy was a viking maiden. His work gets a kick out of seeing their boss dressed as a woman and humiliating himself on halloween, which he does very well...

For the ward Halloween Party Duffy couldn't dress as a woman so we went as a Sugar daddy (hence the sugar packets) and a trophy wife (hence the trophy's). None of the little kids understood our costumes and I think a few of the women thought I was being pretentious. By the way, I don't really think I am Duffy's trophy wife.

Here is a better picture of our Halloween Party. The Cooler was a big hit, by the way-that is root beer. Take a look at the army guy, he was scary looking in the dark-intense!

Happy Halloween!

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