The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Monday, July 30, 2007

Crabbing and Fishing on the Oregon Coast

Kaci and Joel with their new favorite thing to do in Oregon. They caught all together 5 silver Salmon. Going out into the open sea (where we all get sick and beg Van to bring us back or throw us overboard). They were real troopers and brought us back some yummy food. They had the time of their life.

While out fishing for Salmon they set the crab pots out across the bar and got some huge sea crabs, some of the biggest we've ever caught. They pulled the pots in and one of them had 9 keepers. One day they brought in 26 ( a little over their limit) and the next day they brought in 15. Boy, they were good, and our camping neighbors were delighted when we took them over a few crab. One brought us over some tacos in exchange.

The Great fisherman, having a mountain dew break. Dad and him I think were having a dew contest.

Kaci after a long fishing trip and all that Dranamine to help her get through the day, took a long and well deserving nap.

What a prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good-bye crabby see you in my tummy soon. YUM!!!!!!
Dad made his usual peach cobbler,that was so delicious

Dad and his buddy enjoying the evening

Janice the cook.

Over all it was a nice relaxing trip and we enjoyed every minute with our best friends, enjoying their company and eating our favorite foods. We hated to leave, can't wait til next year.

Vans looking for a fun name for his new boat called the Sea Dori. All those names that you think would be a cute name, please submit them to me and maybe your name will be the winner.

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