The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kelli and Duffy and Family come to Seattle!!!!!!!

Kelli and Duffy and family came to Seattle for Dad's Birthday. Unfortunately, Brinley and Cooper threw up all the way here and Brinley had to lay down most of the time they were here. This is Cooper right after throwing up all over Grandma. Kelli and I spent a long time cleaning the van and we threw away Coopers baby seat and had to go get another one. It was pretty ripe!!!!!!!!
Kendall managed to stay well, until the day they left, Grandma and her got it that day and Kendall had a long long drive home. NOT FUN!!!!

Finally the last day here we got to go on a Ferry ride across the Sound to Whidbey Island. It was fun just walking on, going across and coming back.

Kelli and Kaci enjoyed just sitting and talking and playing with Cooper.
Brinley, like usual was meeting new friends.

Cooper enjoyed all the attention he got from all the family, he's growing so fast and is such a cute little guy. He has Grandpa's eyes, which is really fun to see.

While picnicing on the beach 4 Blue Angels came flying by and did some circles over head. It was Sea Fair that weekend so they were just coming back from doing a show in Seattle. It was fun to watch them.

On the beach looking for cool rocks and shells. We saw a lot of things there, the good year blimp, a lighthouse, boats, trains, some cool kites, Blue Angels airplanes, Ferries and a bunch of other things. On the way there Grandpa showed us the Boeing plant and the airplanes parked ready to test fly.

Also the adults, except mom, went to a Mariner game. Grandma stayed with the kids and we watched it on tv with popcorn and drinks. They lost!!!!!!!!!!!! But we had a ton of fun, Brinley was still not feeling well and Cooper fell asleep on us early. We watched a video and had a great time. While at the game Kelli took some great pictures but we downloaded them and something happened and I lost them. S O R R Y , they are on my computer but I couldn't copy them, the file is lost. They had a ton of fun though.

NEXT TO COME......... Kyle and Laura, which they have some fun plans in Leavenworth, so stay tuned for the blog.

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