The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A ten hour tour...

Yes the rumors about a boating trip gane bad are true. Last week I enjoyed the company of my best friend and boyfriend as we took a boat out to sea, well the puget sound. We had taken a similar trip just days before with much success! On this particular day we started off again in the early afternoon to go crabbing and possibly fishing. We launched the 14 ft aluminum boat at the Mukilteo beach as usual and headed for our crabbing hot spot just past the ferry docks. The water was a little rough but managable and the wind felt good in the beating sun. We set our traps behind an old oil pier and next to the new boeing shipping pier. It was a nice place to crab because the waves were being broken by the oil pier so we felt very protected. Hours went by and we kept busy catching three crabs and eating some pretzels and PB&J's (the favorite food of fishing trips). Before we knew it the wind had picked up. We decided to go pick up our traps and head back to the boat lauch. We pulled up the anchor and headed for that first pot. We pulled it just fine. We headed for the second one which was farther out, we got close but the waves against our boat were choppy and we decided it wouldn'e be safe for someone to stand and pull in the conditions. We headed back behind the pier where the water was safer and achored again, only to watch our 2 remaining pots bob in the water. All the small boats around us had gone in and it was still light out. The water was still really rough so we decided to wait it out. We beached the boat on a fenced off sandy beach for about 10 minutes to go to the bathroom and jumped back in to see if we could get around the pier. WE tried and tried but it was just to rough. the water was white capping and the swells were about 2-3 feet which is big for a boat like ours. So now what? Well I'll let the article tell the rest of the story...

Yep so we called Joel's mom to ask for advice and she called the coast gaurd for advice and well before we knew it the captain of the Kittatas ferry called Joel's cell Phone and well we were saved. The guys that came to save us were hillarious. Was the whole thing frightning you ask? A little but not so much.... mostly embarrassing. Especially when the ferry is shing a huge light on you so everyone can see you, and when it's delayed for 1 hour because of you and all the passangers waiting to get on are at the dock watching you get towed in. But lesson learned. I was told it was in the Seattle times too but I couldn't find it. Anyways we were on the boat a total of 10-11 hours and when we got off I really did want to kiss the ground. We all took showers and celebrated our rescue at about midnight with crab and sparkling cider. YUM YUM!

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