The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cori and Aaron came to Seattle

Cori, Aaron and the kids came for a visit to Seattle, we had a great time! Dad and Aaron chased each other around in the bumper cars, Syd and Eli had a great time on the rides. We got to watch the kids play in the fountain, which was nice on a warm Seattle day.
After ths zoo one day we went to the Mariners game, it was great, although the M's lost. The kids were so patient sitting for the 5 hours. We had a fun time eating all that baseball food. WOW! were we full.

This was the best
Picture we could
get of Aaron, believe me it was hard just getting the picture. The kids looked great and so did mom, so this is it. Aaron said he wanted to be remembered as a goof ball so here he is.

Ellias loved the water, we had to
encourage him to come closer into the beach. He loved looking for rocks and throwing them out into the ocean. It was a lot of fun for him.

Syd on the other hand was looking for special rocks to collect and seashells to take home. We walked up and down the beach a few times hunting for them. Ellias was catching all the little baby crabs and squishing them. NO FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for the games!!! As you can see Aaron was up to his normal self, grabbing, crushing hands and climbing all over the table. I think he was on the table more than on
his chair. He owe's me a new spoon, and a new deck of cards!

You can see by Cori's smile she got the best of Aaron. This is a picture of Aarons hairy back with a big bite mark on the right side. There is actually two bites if you look hard. One on the left side too. They got a little aggressive that night. LOL

As you can see we had a great time while they were here. We went to the Zoo, Pacific Science Center, Seattle Center, Aquarium, a game and the beach. Wow, that was a lot to cram into a few days, BUT WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, I must add the WII, Aaron discovered it the last day and him and Kaci competed all day long. I think Aaron would've like a few more days of that. So there you have it, five days in Seattle. We loved having them here!


Anonymous said...

Aaron is sexy. Can you post a photo of him with his shirt off?

Anonymous said...

Hey -- Aaron's hot. Is he still married?