The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Last month with the Lucoffs

These are great pictures we took in the last month of the kids. Although we did go to Bend to visit the Dezembers both me and Kelli's batteries in our cameras both died. So we have no memories to show you we were there. We did have fun though. We climbed a large waterfall with the kids and then me and Aaron went under the waterfall while Kelli and Duffy and the kids watched from a safe distance. We could have sat in the mist all day but the kids were waiting and they were hungry so we left. We also found the best Indian food restaraunt in the world (besides India) in Bend and it was cheap. The kids loved it. Sydni had fun playing soccer and wants to play fall season. In her last game she scored a goooooaaaal. Which seems to get harder to do every year. She also danced in her recital for dance and she looked beautiful in her purple tutu(in the picture she is with her friend Jackael). Ellias played soccer too. He is more excited to be in a soccer outfit then acually proticapating in the game. He runs around the kids and only makes contact with the ball if he is in the way of it. We hope to have more pictures this comming month when we go to Seattle. The picture of the kids and the river is on the Snake at the Swan Falls Dam I thought it was a great pict. it is my screen saver.


Anonymous said...

What darling kids we have!!!!!!!! They are all my life!!! Can't wait to see everyone this summer.

Kyle Stapley said...

Great Pictures! Eli is growing up to a little man isn't he? We can't wait to see them again!