The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dezember Family Rocks Bend

Ok, So we are the last ones to log on to the family Blog--I hope this post makes up for it! We have had a great year so far. Kendall has been displaying her many talents at school and home. She was selected to be in the school talent show in April where she wowed the audience with her jump roping skills! Last week Kendall was in her school signing bee against the entire school. The interpreters would finger spell a word for the students and they would have to tell them the word signed--well it came down to a 3rd grader, a 5th grader and our little 1st grader--and Kendall won the whole thing! Duffy was there to watch and was so proud. I was with Brinley on her last day of Kindergarten field trip to the park. All of her teachers told me how much of a joy Brinley was to have around and that she was very helpful and a great friend. We also got good news that she qualified for the Tiny and Talented program for gifted students. Way to go Brinley! Cooper is a moving and a grooving all over the place. At this rate he should be walking before he is 1 (which is almost here if you can believe it!) Hope you enjoy the great pics. I will do my best to keep posting. Love you all!


rstapley said...

Hey Kendall, I can't believe how brave you are to get up and jump rope and then do the signing contest. WOW! That is so awesome.

Brinley, my little monkey bar girl. You should be a gymnast, you are so strong.
I love you girls, and your brother. Love, Grandma

Lisa said...