The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lukes BIG Graduation Day!!


JUNE 14, 2008

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today was the day! Kaci, Dad and I drove up to Bellingham, WA, about an hour and a bit to see Luke Graduate. It was a great graduation, great talks, great company, and a beautiful sunny day. (bleachers were a little hard, and reading the names took over an hour, but we survived it)
Howard Lincoln, the CEO and chairman of the Mariners, and long time Vice President and later chairman of Nintendo (I think he said 20 years) was the main speaker, that was great for Luke! He even got to shake his hand. We were so PROUD of him, we were bustin buttons. He looked so good in those lovely graduation gown and cap, we took lots of pics.

After that we went for lunch at a Thai resturant that we got to sit on the floor with our feet down underneath. We had a great lunch and then went over to the local Co-op store where Luke bought dad a bunch of goodies for Fathers Day!!!

We went to the local favorite ice cream shop and bought some yummy ice cream before we headed back home. Next week is the big MOVE back from the long years of college. We had a great time today spending it with Luke and are looking forward to his new adventures!!!

Here are some pictures of the big DAY! Sorry this picture is blury, the bleachers were swaying on us, a little scary.

We packed up some of Lukes things so next weekend we won't have to pack as much.
YEAH! He's done! Now it's time to look for a Job in the real world. Good Luck!
You'll have a great time on your vacation to China, you deserve it!!


Kelli said...

Way to go Luke! Be careful in China, you don't want to end up in a strange prison where they make you learn to dance to "THRILLER"

Kelli said...

Kendall and Brinley say:
Congratulations, you look so happy with your diploma! You deserve to have it. We love you!