The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Christmas Gift Adventure

Well, Thanks to all of you kids, we had a great time on the dog sled run. We so much enjoyed the weekend get away with the hotel and the dog sled ride. We left Friday night March 7, and got to Leavenworth around 8:00pm. We bought a new camera just for this event, we wanted to get great pictures and also a video of it.

Saying good-bye to Crazy, the lead dog.The day was beautiful!!!!!!!!! It was in the high 40's and so warm that we didn't have to wear gloves or hats, although dad wore his baseball hat. We got to the place and went out back to a beautiful field of snow, with 28 Alaskan Huskies barking like crazy, wanting to be hooked up to the sled that was out and waiting to take off. We went all over the mountain . The amazing thing about these dogs was that when I was on the sled for about 15 minutes, the musher lost his hat and we kept going. Then on the way back the dogs took off the trail, which was unusual , and the musher, said "what are you doing!!!!!? They pulled up next to his hat and stopped so he could pick it up. WOW!!! Smart dogs , the musher leaned over and said "wow, I forgot I lost it". Shows who really is in charge.

Louis and Perry were great guides and gave us tons of information. Nine of the 12 dogs that pulled us were in the big race in Alaska and finished all 1100 miles. WOW!Thanks again for all the fun!!! We really appreciate your kindness and great IDEA!

It was a beautiful ride and lots of fun, thank you for your gift of Adventure. It was the best gift ever!!!! After the ride we went into Leavenworth and spent the day together. It was really relaxing and we really enjoyed the break away. Sunday we got up and took a ride over to Lake Chelan and drove home. It was a great WEEKEND!!!!!! THANK YOU, WE LOVE YOU

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