The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Years in Seattle

The Dezember's Hit Seattle
Here are some of the highlights of the Seattle trip over New Years:
First things first, we had to give Mom and Dad their gift for Christmas! The wait was killing them! I packaged it all up in a cute little box with a husky dog inside.

Then they opened their big surprise! Watch the video to see how excited they are! Or maybe it is fear in Mom's decide!

After that excitement the games began! We spent everynight playing games past midnight. One night we stayed up until 2:30 am! We all took turns napping during the day to make up for it. We tried to eat healthy! We had a lot of buxom guests (hee heee Kyle) who helped us eat all that food. Kaci's friends and the missionaries and there was even a guest appearance by Joel! Finally we got cabin feaver and decided to hit the town! Mom and Dad were nice enough to stay home with Cooper. So it was Kyle, Laura, Duffy and Me and the girls on the town! We had lunch at the Cheescake factory (Yummy) and then headed to the monorail to go to Seattle Center.

It was the girls first time up the space needle. Kendall was a little nervous of the height but Brinley loved the observation deck and looking through the telescopes.

We also headed down to the fountain and had to touch it of course! No surprise, Brinley got soaked.

Then we headed down to Pikes Place Market with all the wierdos. Thank goodness we didn't bring Cooper! But thank goodness we did bring Kyle! He knew exactly where to go! Great navigating Kyle, we would have been lost downtown without you!

Did I mention we finally did the Boeing tour? Dad was so proud! Duffy tried to smuggle his cell phone in and almost got frisked! It was worth the money to see dad beaming with pride.

Yeah so I didn't rotate this picture Kyle... But it is a good one!
Can't wait to go back to Seattle again!

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Kyle said...

Buxom! I think not! A more proper word would be "burly" or maybe "curvy". Ha Ha