The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Big Sledding Trip

So today, January 26, 2008 Kaci and her friends decided to have a funfilled day in the mountains sledding and playing in the snow. Actually they were supposed to go with the Single Ward to Mt. Baker to do that, but, they all decided that it was too far away since we were suppose to have a big snow storm come in later today and they didn't want to go that far away. Kaci asked us if she could drive the Explorer because their might be snow and it had 4 wheel drive. So we told her yes and away they went.

After the funfilled day of tubing and sleding and many sore muscles, they decided they should head home. So the piled their stuff in the car, tying a tube on top and headed down the mountain. Kaci the great mother she'll be reminded everyone that they should all wear their seatbelts and she wasn't leaving until they were all belted up. At some point Aaron, (one of the boys) questioning the snow and ice rules of how to drive in the snow.

Driving at about 25-30 mph they slowly came down the mountain. The SUV hit some ice and slid, Kaci being already questioned on the rules of snow from Aaron, cautiously tapping the breaks lightly with no resonse. The SUV, made a 180 and some how ended up on it's side sliding toward the side of the mountain into rocks. Greatfully it stopped sliding about 3 feets before hitting the rock. They all made sure that they were all ok and hung on to each other through the whole ordeal, hanging from their seatbelts. The SUV was on it's side on the driver side so they all had to climb out the other side. They all got out safely, NO ONE WAS HURT, and they all stood and hugged each other and said a prayer.

The police came and ambulances making sure they were ok, then came the tow truck to get our truck on it's tires and onto the tow truck. It's sad too see our little truck on it's side, but thank goodness that truck is heavy or they could of flipped over and hit those rocks. If they would've been in the small car that they were going to take there could've been a whole different story.

Boy are we thankful that the kids were ok and that the Lord watched over them. Kaci said she knows without his hand in this, she knows it would've been different.

Here are the pictures of the Explorer they took with their phone camera.

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