The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Laura!

Boy were the last few days busy! Yesterday was Laura's birthday and it was great! On Monday we had a little get together with some of our friends and surprised Laura. It was a ton of fun. Then on Tuesday, we met up with Laura's parents in Salt Lake and ate at The Roof. I've never been there before and boy was it wonderful! We had a great view of Temple Square and Downtown Salt Lake and the food was awesome! The best part is that it's all you can eat. We had a wonderful time (minus the waitress which forgot everything!) and Laura got a lot of great presents. It's been a good birthday so far and she still wants to continue celebrating it for the rest of this week. She was very happy to hear from everyone who called and wished her a Happy Birthday. Especially the little nieces and nephews. Thanks everyone for your love and support!


rstapley said...

Hi Laura,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I tried to call you but your phone was off or something. Hope you got my message. We love you and we can see you had a wonderful birthday!!!
Mom and Dad Stapley

Kaci said...

Hey you got a zip it purse just like mine!! I love mine, my next purse purchase is going to be those woven seatbelt ones, you should check them out if you haven't seen one before.