The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jackson's Here!

I know I haven't written on my Blog for over a year now. Everyone decided to make their own blog and left us in the dust. Our lives aren't as exciting as theirs with their little families starting out and all involved in so many things. So I thought I should get busy and do a few things of our own, so I will put in the exciting things that happen in our lives. 
To bring you up to date, Cori and Aaron, Sydni, and Ellias are all down in Boise, Idaho. Aaron working long hours at his job and Cori also working in the state Martials office. 
Kelli and  Duffy still living in Bend, Oregon and their children Kendall, Brinley, Cooper, and Hadley, they have a darling blog, connected to mine you can check out.
Luke is still in China, working at a University there teaching English, and also at a Community College. He's been there almost a year and is thinking of staying for another year. He enjoys the Asian culture and is loving his time there. We sure miss him though, we hope it's not forever!  We'd love to go see him!!!
Kyle and Laura bought their new house last year and we still have not been able to get there to see it. We really need to get down to SLC to see it and them. Kyle is working at
 B Y U in the Media Arts Dept. and enjoying it. Laura is working at a hair saloon supplier.
                                   Jackson is only 8 days old here and smiling!
Kaci and Aaron live here in Everett, YEAH! we have someone in our town.  It's so hard having all the kids scattered. I miss the kids and the grandkids terribly, but know with the economy the way it is, we are just grateful they all have jobs and are doing so well.
         So, our newest news. 

Kaci and Aaron were blessed with our newest grandson, Jackson three weeks ago. He's a doll, weighing in at 9' 10", strawberry red hair,  and 21" long. He is the biggest baby that we've had in our family. He is so cute, and I swear he smiles at us already. We took a video of him at one week and he smiled twice at us on a video while we were talking to him. He looks just like daddy and is so cuddly. So here are the pics of him so far.


nana said...

He is so big and cute! That's the way I like them! I asked Stan if he had heart that Kaci had her baby yet. Glad all is well and the family is growing! Marilyn

Sandy said...

Wow, what a cutie. He did smile in the video. He looks very alert and older than he is.

I am glad you will be close enough to see and play with him.

I agree, having your kids live away it the PITTS!

Thanks for Blogging!

Kristina + Justin said...

Those are some great pics of Jackson! Thanks for sharing.

Kristina + Justin said...

Those are some great pictures of Jackson. Thanks for sharing!

Kelli said...

Thanks for the new pictures of Jackson! Can't wait to meet him in July.