The Stapley Family

The Stapley Family

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Oregon Trip and NO SHOW CRABS

Laura and Kyle at the hotel and the beautiful wild flowers

I'll add to Kyle's and Kelli's blogs, (although Kyles is on his own blog) so look there for his adventures in Oregon. We had a great time (although the wind was quite cold), especially in the evening. Usually we go in August because the weather is a little bit better but this was the best weekend for all of us. Kyle and Laura flew in to Seattle, Luke drove the other car down to the airport and they followed us to Portland where we spent the night.

We then got up in the morning and left for Nahalem State Park. Kaci and her two friends (Aaron and Daphne) drove down on their own that morning. Kelli and her family drove up from vacationing down in Newport Beach. It was really funny because that morning we all were in different areas, us coming from the East, Kelli and her family coming from the South and Kaci and friends coming from the North. As we came upon the 101 highway, who should be in front of us, Kaci and her friends. Kelli calls and she's within minutes of the park and Van was a few minutes behind us. It was really weird that we should all come at the same time from different directions. It was GREAT!!!!!

Even though the weather was kind of cold, we had such a great time spending time with our family. All that sitting around the camp fire and the great food that we had, everyone chipping in helping with dinners and lunches and everything took a load off of me. My favorite part was just sitting around the fire and talking and laughing and enjoying everyone. It always brings us back to how much our family means to us. It is our whole purpose, to be with our family and enjoy the time we have with them. THIS has to be one of those Kodak moments, or Church commercials. It helps you come back to reality, that this is what life is all about. Even though we caught tons of crabs but NO keepers. Sorry Laura, we were going to show you how yummy those little guys are when they come fresh out of the ocean. Hopefully next year!!!
The only part about this trip we missed the Lucoff's which we and wished they could of come. It would've made our trip complete. Hopefully next year they will be able to join us!!!! Van really missed them.

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Marilee said...

I loved your blog. The Stapley Bunch was especially cute! It was fun to see all of your pictures. Are you going wedding crazy yet? Marilee